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If you are interested in flash with complicated scripting requirement or web app development. This page will help you find out more about what we've done.

For flash, actionscript, I've done 100's of projects, websites, minisites, games, banners,
desktop apps (AIR). Some taking a couple hours, some taking over 1 year and a team. Sadly for a variety of reason, many of those aren't online and accessible, so here is a sample.

Click here's to watch a 5 minute "demo" video

The company I did all the most recent website and games for
(http://www.kidthing.com) went out of business last year, so you can't
play with them. Some game engines were frogger, match3, puzzle, page
turners with games inside, simple racing games. Our brands were Dr.
Seuss, National Geographic.

The website was xhtml driven flash, so SEO friendly.

A couple years ago I participated in the Global Game Jam a 48 hour
from 0 to finished game with a ad-hoc team. The game concept was my
idea, and I led the team. We didn't get quite as polished as we
wanted but.

In a more complicated example of actionscript that is online, is this
particle physics viewer for a friend, it's an 8 dimensional structure
being flattened down to 2. If you drag the particles around and click
on them various interactions show up, damn hard to understand for the
layman but like a spirograph pretty to play with especially if you
choose the . It's a competing grand unified theory to string theory.

An 8 dimensional particle viewer
Overview: http://troyworks.com/blog/2009/08/19/case-study-the-e8-particle-simulator-for-garrett-lisi-version-20/

Live: http://deferentialgeometry.org/epe/EPE3.html

UI (in flash)
Model: http://code.google.com/p/troyworks/source/browse/trunk/AS3/examples/StMPE/dev/src/?r=79#src%2Fmdl

Cogs: a heirarchcial Statemachine engine that compliments MVC/UCM approaches.

There is a lot of stuff on the blog:


datastructures: http://troyworks.com/blog/2007/08/24/arrayx-and-arrayweighting/

Tweening engine
I have a framework for several parts of games, including "brains" for
ai, a weighted randomization library to help get a optimal mix of
randomly generated items.

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Daf October 26, 2013 at 7:26 pm

On your Website there were no contact form except this one which is not at all meant for that.

I hope that you guys do not get mad at me. The purpose of this message is to ask about The Know How of having two complementary sliders. When the first slider increases by one unit the other slider decreases by one unit. Sorry again for having thrown this message here.

troy November 28, 2013 at 1:44 am

I only do coding/support for hire, but the basic gist is you have a model view and controller, where the controller listens to drag events from the two sliders and can position them, and if the sender is say sliderA increments sliderB whatever the opposite direction is.

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