This is the professional services facet of Troy Gardner, principal architect at troyworks, and occasionally his trusted minions.

code slinger

code slinger for hire

troyworks is an award winning, small, relatively stealthy, interactive design and consulting firm, specializing in hard core RIA applications blurring web and desktop, with a passion and focus on Flash platform, Remoting,  Java technologies.   There is a long history with flash starting at Flash4+AS1.0 through Flash10, Air.


We are often booked for months in advance, and get most of our work through word of mouth so don't do a great deal of marketing on the blog.

This blog covers several areas:

  • Flash wherever it goes ( Flash/Flex/Air) ,especially the dark corners of Actionscript
  • examples of the open source troyworks framework in action
  • All phases of successful projects: IA, IxD, rapid prototyping and workflow, QA..watercooler
  • small agency, team workfow, practicalities
  • my research in adaptive user-centric design, dynamic difficulty in games.


I'm usually busy with client projects, but I make it a point to give back to the excellent IxD, Tech/Geek and Flash communities several times a year  I've presented professionally at major conferences in the Flash and Tech community.   Here are some of the places I've spoken

  • FITC Unconference at Adobe Max 2009 fitc unconference 2009 max
  • <head> (aka Singularity) 2008 button_234x60
  • FITC at Adobe Max 2008 FITC_speakerbanner
  • Ignite at Adobe Max 2007 Ignite
  • LA Flash community at the Rich Media Institute.
  • Siggraph 2004 04banner

If you are interested in having me speak, please hit me up.

Contact Me

If interested you can follow me on twitter at @troyworks

You can also contact me by email at:  troy at  troyworks dot com

Other Places to Go

Also if you are interested in the marketing of your products, and production creation you might enjoy my other facets:

http://www.troynotes.com/ internet marketing, seo, ppc, branding and product creation etc. After all what good is a product/service if people can't find it?

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Bill Sanders August 25, 2009 at 5:13 pm


That was a very nice piece you had on mc.addFrameScript(). I wish I had found it a couple of years ago!

Kindest regards,
Bill Sanders

troy August 25, 2009 at 6:02 pm

Thanks Bill. Neat site you have!

You might also find this utility useful.

function addFrameScriptForLabel(mc:MovieClip, lblName:String, fn:Function ):int

e.g. UIUtil.addFrameScriptForLabel(someMC, “loaded”, onReachedFrame_loaded);

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