KooshTool KooshBalls Generator in AS3

by troy on February 14, 2010

Kooshes in Space! Well not quite.
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TO USE: 1) click to generate balls, 2) drag farther away from the click to make the spray farther out.

Spent an hour, created a AS3 port of Don Hopkins fun KooshTool for OpenLazlo which was based on Based on the original kooshtool for NeWS, which I think has vanished from internet consciousness.

It works by creating 'fronds' via actionscript (frondball?) drawing API. Setting width to 0 then tweening them to full size with Tny Tweenerand an Circular ease out effect from Penner's tweening equasion, and setting the rotation of the parent clip. It was actually a little tricky as somewhere along the way flash changed width to mean world perspective rather than a clips perspective, leading to undersired skewing/distortion. So I had to nest clips, which got me the idea of making the ball a proper container, which opens up all sorts of neat possibilities, I just move it around a bit in this example, but one could imagine using the pseudo3D api to fly through koosh space. Yeah like I have time for that.

The use of random color is also neat, basically picks a hue from 360 around the color spectrum then goes in and out near that from black to white to get the variations. I really love the rich saturation, though it seems yellow is somewhat

Disclaimer: Koosh® is registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. This site is not related to Hasbro or any way or the Koosh toyline,Koosh, just that's what the original was called and this is a port. We love real Koosh®, especially when flinging them at others (but not at their eyes of course) and happy such a simple silly idea has made the inventor a multi-millionaire.

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