HTML5 drops video tag…win for Flash + Apple?

by troy on July 6, 2009

Not sure how many have been following the HTML5 spec, but one of the new features I've been following most closely is that of rich media support built in - of which there are many. This plus the numerous immense performance increases to the javascript runtime allow open standards to competing for the same types of applications traditionally only available with a plugin of some sort. Meaning if you are in flash, and wondering how long the technology will be as hot as it is, you should probably be keeping tabs on the HTML5 spec.

Like the formerly proposed

However it appears even that's not to be. Between Apple, Microsoft etc nobody can agree to support it. In the short term this seems to support keeping things the way they are, plugins supporting rich media, flash, quicktime, silverlight being the kings.

This is kinda a major setback for open standard video, and to some degree the web.

However I question how relevant it is overall to people working in Flash. In my experience working with clients, as soon as somebody has video on the sight the next thing they want is full skinning, bandwidth detection, branded intelligent preloading, analytics etc, much of which I'm pretty sure aren't built in to the HTML5 tag.

What do you think?

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