Flash: Embedding Fonts via the Font Symbol

by troy on October 28, 2008

This is far tricker than I remember it being in Flash8. Again, since the introduction of AS3 it seems like bar for working in Flash for doing everyday things has gotten harder for people, instead of easier.

Embedding Fonts via a Font Symbol in the library, I believe used to allow textfields just to select that Font (denoted with an *) and that's all they had to do to embed a font. In AS3 it appears they have to add a few more steps. I was actually surprised at some of the results. The linkageID and Class name don't make a difference.

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Here's the Fla

I certainly wouldn't expect ExampleA and ExampleB to work they way they did.

I model this behavior as internal to the Flash player is a Embedded Font Table, that either has the character(s) or doesn't, and the embed property has access to those goodies or not. The character request is just an IDE trick/compiler hint, to build that font table if one hasn't already been provided, but doesn't exist anywhere in actionscript... a TextField doens't have embedCharacters, nor would that particularly make sense.

Metaphorically the behavior is a bit like having a locked-refrigerator full of food vrs going out to the OS to eat, and each swf as a guest has keys to to that or not. There is only room in the refridgerator for one gallon of milk in the door so even if that's partly empty (e.g. you only embedded capitals), if you try to put a full one in, it won't fit, until the previous one is unloaded. I have run into cases where one swf wouldn't share the fonts with another 'guest' swf, which I still haven't figured out yet.

Note you can test whether a font is embedded or not by rotating the TextField, else you may think it's embedded but since it's on your OS, it still shows up.

If you haven't you may want to check out loading Font Libraries dynamically. Here and Here

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Erik February 12, 2009 at 6:54 am

Alpha doesn’t work either, for un-embedded fonts. It’s either there or not.

One trick, for Chinese fonts and the like where embedding isn’t all that hot, is to bitmap it and use the bitmap instead. That way you can rotate it & stuff.

If you don’t need rotation though, you can just set an empty filter to it. In FP9 you could just set a BlurFilter with 0,0 and it would be able to do alpha. No (noticable) performance hit as far as I can tell.

Dunno how this would work in FP10.

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