Flash: Rapid IA, IxD, XD, UX with Flash

by troy on March 22, 2008

Gageing interest for a free class on rapid prototyping in Flash in the Los Angeles area.  Flash can be a powerful ally in developing mockups, prototypes, it's easily integrated with
graphics, video, images, and animation, yet I run into a large number of IA and IxD'er who think the tool isn't for them (!).

For those of you not into the acronyms.

  • IA is Information Architecture,  early stage breaking applications into wireframes and copy.
  • IxD is Interaction/Interactive Design,  - starting to break away from page metaphors, and start getting into applications, workflows.
  • XD is Experience Design,- merging workflow with narrative, and a cinematic, broadcasty feel.
  • UX is User Experience - similar to User Centric Design, making sure that the information experience however delivered is gender, culture, and workflow appropriate.

Here's what I'm contemplating:

  • Flash basics, if you use Visio, you have most of the skills already,
  • how to create mockups using basic animation, these are very useful in group meetings
  • whiteboard sessions and storeboards converted to interactive wireframes or low fidelity prototypes.
  • illustrator and photoshop high fidelity prototypes.
  • interactive design patterns (media players, collections, login)
  • using animation to create more narrative UI's
  • specing interactive applications with flow and state diagrams,

Any suggestions of topics you'd like to see? would you be interested in attending?

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