Using fl.controls.* with FDT (and Flash CS3)

by troy on January 4, 2008

I Recently upgraded to FDT 3.0 Professional...I highly recommend if you're doing heavy actionscript projects. It's pricey, but will pay for itself quickly.

Using fl.controls with the syntax checking took a bit of research. Turns out you have to follow the steps as

  • Create a new FLA, name it CS3Controls
  • drag all the components you need into the Library
  • In File> Publish Settings > Flash > checkmark "Export SWC"
  • publish it
  • copy the CS3Controls.swc to someplace you'll remember (e.g. a common classpath or whatever app that uses them's lib folder)
  • - Now in FDT, add your SWC to your project, and in the Flash Explorer panel, right-click and add that SWC file to your classpath
  • once that swc is visible in the FDT Flash Explorer, right click over it. "Source Folder">"Add to Classpath"
  • after a moment you will see it above the packages, if successful, clicking the plus will show you all the classes inside it...very cool FDT team!
  • in your AS class just proceed as normal eg.: <code> import fl.controls.*</code>

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Michiel van der Ros January 14, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Good solution, thanks!

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